Teil Mekar

Asteroids of Teil-Mekar

As far as the few surviving rimworld deepspace observation towers are concerened it is the largest asteroid cluster in the known galaxy. They also note that it moves strangely:it is trans-solar, traveling on a snaking orbit of nineteen different star systems! The systems that it travels through are not capable of supporting life. Its is theorized that they were scoured clean by a local nova or other celestial event before The Sphere fell. The star systems seem to offer and ideal place for mineral mining if it were not for the unpredictability of the traveling asteroids. The few ships that have braved closeenough to directly scan any of the planets have had thier corses adjusted by large groups of The Calm and basicly physicaly removed from the area. To the lack of any study of the area the systems of Teil-Mekar have retained there maping designators.

Teil-Mekar1 singular star T-M1a solid mass no atmosphere T-M1b solid mass no atmosphere T-M1c gas mass

Teil-Mekar2 singular star T-M2a solid mass no atmosphere T-M2b gas mass

Teil-Mekar3 singular star T-M3a solid mass no atmosphere T-M3b solid mass no atmosphere T-M3c solid mass no atmosphere T-M3d solid mass no atmosphere

Teil-Mekar4 singular star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar5 singular star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar6 singular star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar7 binary star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar8 singular star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar9 singular star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar10 singular star T-M10a solid mass no atmosphere T-M10b solid mass no atmosphere T-M10c solid mass no atmosphere T-M10d solid mass no atmosphere T-M10e solid mass untested atmosphere T-M10f gas mass

Teil-Mekar11 singular star T-M11a solid mass no atmosphere

Teil-Mekar12 singular star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar13 singular star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar14 singular star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar15 singular star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar16 singular star No planetoids

Teil-Mekar3 singular star T-M17a gas mass T-M17b gas mass T-M17c gas mass T-M17d gas mass T-M17e gas mass

Teil-Mekar18 binary star T-M18a solid mass untested atmosphere T-M18b solid mass untested atmosphere T-M18c solid mass untested atmosphere T-M18d solid mass untested atmosphere T-M18e solid mass untested atmosphere

Teil-Mekar19 singular star No planetoids

There is an almost constant part of the asteroid field around Teil-Mekar 18 causing interferance making almost all deep space scaning and imagry distorted.

The Calm

Teil Mekar

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