Spend your creation points

Character Creation

Remember those ranks… the ones that cost equal to the next level to raise. well lets expand that thought a bit…

You may raise traits, but they cost triple… 1-3





your weak raical trait may never be higher than your strength, and costs 3 more points per level to raise. your strogn trait costs 3 fewer points per level to raise.

You may raise your status in your government… standard cost, with the benefits listed therin-

Attached-1 support point to spend, and successful missions generally provide 1-3 wealth

Trusted-4 support points to spend, and successful missions generally provide 4-12 wealth

Established-9 support points to spend, and successful missions generally provide 9-27 wealth

Power-player-16 support points to spend, and successful missions generally provide 16-48 wealth

Figurehead-25 support points to spend, and successful missions generally provide 25-75 wealth

your job will provide its level squared in support points exclusive to it, and will pay wealth equal to your rank squared at the end of each story that you worked it in as a profession.

Skills are purchased at standard cost. A new skill in an occupation will cost 3, a new occupation will start with all skills at level 0 and will cost 5

Standard Skills Available to all characters without having to purchase a new occupation are:






(Languages)for every 2nd level you gain in the bold language, you gain 1 level in its sympathetio languages. these benefits can stack amongst severl purchased languages. characters are understandable without a check in casual situations at rank 3, and in stressful situations at 4. rank 5 represents the groups ‘high society’ tones reserved for negotiations and tabletalk at rich folks homes.

Language CallahanHuman, Tauran ,Prowler, Leven ,Tink ,Host

Language LegionHuman, Prowler, Leven, Gytar ,Construct

Language GuildHuman, Qui, Tink ,Gytar ,Host

Language TzarHuman, Qui ,Tauran Tink ,Draken

Language RepublicAves, Qui, Tauran, Prowler ,Gytar

Language MatriarchyProwler, Leven, Draken ,Host ,Construct

Language Red TalonTauran, Prowler, Leven, Draken, Gytar,

Language GatewayHuman, Qui, Prowler, Tink, Construct

Language TempleAves, Qui, Leven, Draken, Gytar, Host

Language RimHuman, Aves, Tauran ,Outsider, Draken, Gytar

Language OutworldQui, Tauran, Tink, Outsider, Host

Language OccupationLeven, Tink, Outsider, Draken, Host

Language HumanCallahan, Legion, Guild, Tzar, Gateway, Rim

Language AvesRepublic, Temple, Rim

Language QuiOutworld, Guild, Tzar, Republic, Gateway, Temple

Language TauranRed Talon, Callahan, Outworld, Tzar, Republic, Rim

Language ProwlerMatriarchy, Legion, Red Talon ,Callahan, Gateway, Republic

Language ConstructLegion, Matriarchy, Gateway

Language LevenOccupation, Matriarchy, Legion, Red Talon, Temple, Callahan

Language TinkOccupation, Guild, Outworld, Tzar, Gateway, Callahan

Language HostCallahan, Temple, Outworld, Occupation, Guild, Matriarchy

Language OutsiderRim, Outworld, Occupation

Language DrakenTzar, Rim, Occupation, Temple, Red Talon ,Matriarchy

Language GytarLegion, Guild, Republic, Red Talon, Temple, Rim

spells are purchased at double cost. A new spell in an occupation will cost 6, a new diety will start with all spells at level 0 and will cost 10 when choosing a new diety take a 5 point sanity loss…if you gain a new diety between stories, you will begin the next story at -5 sanity (no downtime between will effect the loss)

Spend your creation points

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