Human Omnivore, dedicated to supporting their galactic dominance through technology, having become dependent on it ages ago to overcome their environment and competition.

Leven Vegitarian race, small and graceful. They use mystical techniques in order to control their environment and obtain a higher level of harmony with it than any other race.

Kanic Omnivore, Small and tough race of nomadic people that seem to lack the need to breathe. Multi-deterous and capable of both incredible finess and astounding strength they lack any real cohesiveness or motivation outside of their ‘need’ to problem solve

Aves Carnivore, They spend almost the entirety of their lives in flight. All of their culture, technology, and innovation surround the concept of flight. They are not incredibly intelligent, but in council their logic skills become amazing.

Kat Through seperation two sub species have developed; the Legio Kats and the Kat’s of the Republic. The Legio Kats have been bred for the last 500 years to be attractive, docile, and quiet. The Kats of the republit represent their original species: Fast, athletic, aggressive, and agile. The Republican Kat stands nearly double the height and triple the mass of the Legio Kat. Now part of the republic, the Kats have risen from their primitive roots to use higher levels of technology and supernatural arts, while retaining much of their original culture.

Tarus Omnivore, These solitary brutes hide a superior intellect and logic complex behind the full and muscular form of a formidable predator. Unfortunately their exellent senses drive them to violent acts in crowded areas due to overstimulation and a natural aggresive reaction to irritation.

Qui Amphibious race that founded the Republic. Not much is known about the Qui as they commonly use artifice to project their ideas and needs to other races. All that is really known about them is that they cannot live in an oxygen-rich atmosphere; they are no larger than a common house pet, and they can communicate over long distances without the need of any technology.

Draash Carnivorous, The dragons of mankinds legends live on in the Draash. These violent and huge predators roam in huge herds through the stars on asteroids hollowed out to allow them and their hybernating young to travel in space. They themselves are not a spacefaring race per se, but they can survive extended exposure to cosmic void, as well as weather the transit of most atmospheres. This race is known as the destroyer, feeding on a planet for upward of three-hundred years before migrating to their next in a long nomadic loop.

Gytar Vegitarian, These nomadic people stay in small groups of no more than twenty, living in the shadows and cargo holds of the other races. Commonly seen as a food source as well as a source of underworld entertainment they usually avoid unwanted attention whenever they can.

Von Created by the hands of Legion himself, this race of super-warriors has survived the apocalypse and watches over mankind. These monstrosities are bred with the ability to make war on whole worlds and end them if neccesary. Fortunately their only two goals appear to be instilled in the few Von that live on limited worlds, preventing all forms of space flight…and protecting those worlds from all would be agressors with a maximum amount of force.

Engelic When Legion created his many races of super-warriors one of his experiments had to do with terror tactics. Nearly every race has an angelic figure in a mighty place in its theology. Legion saw this in his research and created a race of beautiful, intelligent, deadly shock troops capable of putting enemies into disarray. After the apocalypse however, these beings had become independant of the empire. Without Legion’s direct control their intelligence grew into independance. Now they are found throughout the galaxy carving their own destiny out of their creators former empire.

Construct Generic term for any technologically, mystically, or gene-splice created creature

Intelligence Generic term for a collective conciousness, be it technological, supernatural, or racial.

Celestial Term for the etheric beings that support Gemeni and her pantheon. These include a host of angelic figures and terrible demons, clad and skinned almost universeally in white. These are the heralds of the god that once brought the apocalypse and were banned from the sphere. Now that the sphere is gone, they intrude on thier pantheon’s orders seeking to finish what Aries started.

Etherial Simple spirits created by the orginal Oracle in her desperate gambit of creating the sphere. They are the silent intelligences behind the veil that make fire burn and water flow. Each etherial is formed from the elements that it controls and can inhabit many different sources over its lifetime. They are not powerful and can be commanded, but are usually hunted and destroyed by Celestials.

Xantha A parasitic lifeform adept at infiltration and alteration of other races to suit their own needs. Once they have gained a foothold they may lurk for decades spreding their infection throughout a race, working their way into critical infrastructures and key leadership positions. When they are prepared they spring their trap quickly subverting the remaining population. An insideous race; its prey doesnot know that it is doomed until far to late. Once entrenched the Xantha are nearly impossible to purge.


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