There are countless expanses that stretch beyond what was The Sphere. The worlds in these places are known as the Outland Worlds, or Outworlds. Outworlds are considered far off and dangerous places for people from The Sphere...for the most part, their right.

These worlds were those controlled by and meddled with by Areis and her children before and leading up to The Ring of Fire. They had included worlds form The Legion Empire near the area now known as the Ghost Reaches. The malevolent treatment of the New Order Pantheon changed the faces of the populace worlds and their people, bending them to Areis destructive will. They would later be used as shock-troops when invading the sphere, creating the Occupation Zone and the Northern Line.

A few pockets of folks have survived unmolested in these black reaches…A cluster containing a groups of races has formed The Republic. Now that the barrier has collapsed, they are entering a new era of discovery and expansion. Other small outposts of life are scattered throughout the Outworlds, each one surviving amidst the terrors created by Areis, or hiding from them.

The Rimworlds are closest civilized worlds to the Outworlds. For various reasons; distance, risk in travel, a high probability of worlds being unproductive to be worth dealing with the hastle, and the fact that the spherian nations simply have no idea what waits outside their known reagion of space.

Because of that fact many outlaws, refugees and other social outcasts find or make homes there.

The major sub regions of The Outworlds are:

1: Asteroids of Teil Mekar

2: Bastion

3: Lifers Retreat

4: Pirite’s Cluster

5: Xenophobic Halls


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