Reanna Sanchez was a knight of house Anderson in the Callahan Fleet. When it was seen that she had a potential for magic, she was whisked off to the fleet’s mystic retreat for training. The sensei there, a male Leven named Volcom of the Sunset Tree trained her. Through his studies and scriptured portents he discovered that she was much more than she percieved herself to be. The young Reanna’s training became intense, and lasted longer than any other student of Volcom. Eventually she attained a higher knowledge than any other human magi Volcom had ever trained, through her training she achieved an ability to bend reality itself to her will. His teachings moulded her mind, soul, and body into a ‘noble edge’ capable of using her great power without abuse.

It was during Reanna’s training that an old nemesis of gods was drawn to her. A follower of Chaos, it called itself The Jackal. The Jackal first used subterfuge, then eventually brutal force in its attempts to coerce Reanna to do its bidding. Before The Jackal brutally murdered Sensei Volcom, he sent a distress signal to house Anderson, who sent a rescue operative to recover the besieged Reanna.

Knight Kurtz Anderson arrived just as The Jackal was about to consume Reanna Sanchez and very heroically swept her away on a skiff. The two were thrown into a seires of misadventures on their journey back to the fleet…and a romance had sprung up between the two of them, mortal man and unstoppable magi. Before they could contact the fleet however The Jackal’s minions struck and killed Reanna Sanchez.

It was then that Reanna Sanchez found her destiny. She was a child of the All Father; like Zeus he came to the Sandoval Coony and took a beautiful wife. They had a child that ws even more beautiful that eventually grew to be Reanna Sanchez. When the All Father saw his daughter’s broken body at the hands of his enemies he had had enough. In a moment of rage and solace he ressurected his mortal daghter after granting her most of his limitless power. When she woke she knew her importance, but not how to unlock her incredible power. The All Father retired to become the universe, and left his daughter to avenger both of them.

Using her new knowledge, Reanna found other desendants of the All Father and gathered them on the skiff before returning to the fleet. The skiff caught up with the fleet during the battle of Gateway, navigating the battle in orbit to get through the Gateway to Luna. In a battle at Luna’s throne she defeated the god Stans, thwarted the machanations of The Jackal, and prevented Areis from materializing through Luna’s Throne, as well as locking Atlas in a trap that he could not escape until much later when the gateway was reactivated. The cost was heavy…the entire team was destroyed, with Kurtz binding himself to Luna’s Throne- assuming the mandate of the Earth God Stans. Reanna herself became encased in crystal in order to seal The Jackal with her frozen in combat for what she hoped would be all time.

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