The Matriarchy contains a culture based on a system of Debt, Deception, Nobility, and the supernatural ability to modify their environment.

The culture operates with an oligarchy of Queens. The four queens; Alburn(red), Tanrisa(the color that cannot be seen not clear but humans see it as grey), Saphire (blue), Geolwe (yellow) named after the 4 primary colors that they can see.

Each Queen holds an average of twenty systems that form their kingdom. The kingdoms are mostly female in gender (male populations averaging 1:3500). All men are assumed to be the porperty of the resident queen, and are regularly lent out as studs to maintain populations in areas of decline. In general males are well eductated, but indocturned in such a way so as to be docile and serving for most of their days. Of course, not all males end up this way…

The Matriarchy diplomats and merchants have a reputation for being shady, as well as a bunch of bullies in negotiations. The leven have traded, are trading, and will trade with elements from all nations and factions within those nations as it suits them. As a whole they are very studious of everyone they come in contact with and will do what it takes to get all new aquantinces in their debt. They often trade seemingly extragivant things for soul debts, usually at the consequence of the recipants.

One of the most powerful bargaining chips that the leven have is the mastery of Biomanipulation. Though genetically incompatible with other races, they can use soul-debts to allow for the creation of hybrids, or even regenerate the reproductive processes of other races.

Fabrics along with woven gems and metals are the primary materials traded by the Matriarchy. As a personal defence, woven gems and metals take punishment that other materials simply can not. To complement this the luxury of the fabrics they make surpases any other race or nation.

The taking and giving of soul energy was traditonally used for the cultivation of plants. Soul-debt is what they have used to maintain their worlds in a seemingly un-developed state. “Poor thing she needed to buy something she couldn’t grow herself.” Is a common insult about an outcast leven.

The only major form of manufacturing that the leven have developed is weaving, through which they can make almost anything that you can imagine by weaving materals into it while making a soul-bargain. They literally use parts of thier souls, OR the souls of someone who has given them a soul debt.

Society is set up in aristocratic levels similar to earth’s old societies Queen, Duchess, Marquess, Dane, Vicountess(countess), Barroness, Vasseled Lady(end of nobility), Teachers, Trades-Women, Builders, Serfs, Queens Men, Free Women, Other Nobels Men, Children, Battle Priestesses.

Queens: The four Queens lose thier old names to assume their title. Calling a queen by her old name is a crime punishable by death. Queens do not have to wear a simbol of social station as it is the duty of her subjects to know her on sight. She is not limited to any rules of speach or who she can give or take soul debts from.

Duchesses: the rulers of the systems. All fabrics are allowed to be worn by a Duchess in her own system but when traveling. any gem fabric must not be worn below the waist. Solid colors of the queens that she does not owe alligance to may not be worn as anything but jewelry. their symbol of office is a neckless and will always be visible when the duchess is seen in public. All duchesses make a soul-debt to thier queen as sign of their alleagance.

Marquess: Leaders of worlds in systems. On the planet she leads she may wear gem fabric as a belt or shawl metal fabric from the waist up. She will always be dressed in the primary color of her Queen. Her symbol of office will be desplayed on her head, be it crown, hair assemblage, or earpieces. they owe a soul debt to thier duchess.

Dane: Hemispheric leaders. May wear gem fabric gloves in their estates when entertaining, and may display them as symbol of office over a belt when not at home. She will make a soul debt to her Marquess.

Vicountess: Leaders of provinces. they take more real leadership roles of those above them. They wear metal fabric shawls of thier queen as thier symbol of office they must wear hard sole shoes in the presence of superior ranking women outside of queens. They are generally the hosts of men for their queen, so as to not keep all of a queens breeding stock in one place.. They make soul-debts to the queen and the planet marquess as a sign of loyality.

Barronesses: Leaders of cites. They can wear only gemstone jewelery which as as their symbol of office. A Barroness is expected to be a judging councel over matters that need her attention. She will often appoint vassels to be lesser judical powers to cut down on her work. They pay blood debt to their Dane.

Vasseled ladies: Titeled or landed they hold no real power over anyone that is nobel but are above the common women. often they are appointed to roles as surgons or judges. surgons are the ones responsable for implanting and removing soul seeds. standard doctoring is handeled by magic and rarely requires speical training.

Teachers: gardeners to everyother race. Teachers maintain and keep the collection plants that are capable of producing soul seeds. The plants grow from planted seeds and produce new seeds within 7 months. The plants can produce up to 4 seeds generally just 2 though. The seeds in adition to growing these plants can live with in the chest of a Levin. while in the chest of a Levin they feed off of the nervious system of the host. The seeds will not atempt to grow into a plant as long as they are fed but if the host should die they will start to grow into a plant and produce plants. The trade off is the Levin will gain access to the information the seed will store from it and its previous hosts. The seeds can live with in the hosts for upwards of 3 years. After this time the seed will start to die and let its host know. The seed will still be capable of growing but will no longer be useable to gater or give information. The boons to confidance and composure to weave will drain from a woman with out a seed.


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