Granet Hammer

The Tech Hunter master of Earth


Granet will not leave her for of elemental mastery so constantly appears as a 36’ tall stone with 8 arms and 6 legs. She is bound by there magic laws to stay in this form as long as Zepher stays in his. She never goes to any function held by the Tech hunters and is thought to be mad as her loud booming voice can be heard at all times of the day and night in random intervuls. It is easy to bielve that she is doing what she says she is doing by having a conversation with Zepher but no one can ever hear him. That being said very few Leven being 4’ to 5’ tall and barly 90 pounds want to insite Granet when she is in her mastery form.


Saramou Is the only Moon that holds The last of the Schools of elemental spell casting that use to span the birth of the Leven empire before The Sphere. The School is lead by 4 masters That have learned everything of there chosen element to the point of complete mastery. Granet is the master of Earth. As with the other masters she imbodies the 2 sides of her chosen element being both wise and unforgiving.

Granet Hammer

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