Frost Razor

Tech Hunter Master of Water


Frost is about 5’ femal Leven with blue skin, White hair and eyes. She is seen most often in public with amazingly goddy dresses and jewels made of all diffrent colors of water and ice often apearing a little destracted at times to change her apperance 8-9 times in a 1 hour engagement. she comes across as a woman that has no care in the world except fassion and male leven.


Saramou Is the only Moon that holds The last of the Schools of elemental spell casting that use to span the birth of the Leven empire before The Sphere. The School is lead by 4 masters That have learned everything of there chosen element to the point of complete mastery. Frost is the master of Water. As with the other masters she imbodies the 2 sides of her chosen element being both relaxingly welcoming and relentless fury.

Frost Razor

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