Cinder Wing

Elemental leader of the fire element in the Tech Hunters


She is about 4’ 5” very dark skined for a Leven with dark green hair. Her eyes as with her choice of cloths are constant flame. the fire that she cloaks herself in is as varried as fire through out the universe though she can controll its tempature to melting metal or not hot enough to burn paper. Unlike the water master she does not use her element to make fancyful or goddy cloths and jewelery she is plainly dressed all bit it in fire.


Saramou Is the only Moon that holds The last of the Schools of elemental spell casting that use to span the birth of the Leven empire before The Sphere. The School is lead by 4 masters That have learned everything of there chosen element to the point of complete mastery. Cinder is the master of Fire. As with the other masters she imbodies the 2 sides of her chosen element being both warmly comforting and explosivly angry.

Cinder Wing

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